How to prepare for bridal trial

The wedding trial is essential for smooth prep process of your big day. During the trial, we will find the right makeup and hairstyle for you.


The trial is held in the comfort of your home and may take at least 3 hours. I will not leave until I hear you say: “This is the way I want it.”


The perfect time of the day for a trial is morning so that you can see your makeup in the daylight, and how it lasts together with the hairstyle until the evening. To get a better idea, wear the same colour blouse as your wedding dress.


Try to find pictures of makeup and hairstyle you like and would like to try. Collect photos of dresses, accessories, jewelry and floral decoration to match your makeup and hairstyle into perfection. If you already have the veil or hair decoration, keep it with you.


The hairstyle must be performed on hair in the same state as it will be on the wedding day. If you want to have your hair coloured before your wedding, schedule the trial after having your hair freshly coloured. Updos keep longer on hair 24 hours after washing. If your hair is greasy, wash it the night before the trial.



It will be necessary to refresh your makeup in the course of the wedding day; have your powder, corrector, lipstick or lip gloss ready to check if they are suitable.


If you have an attentive fiancé who makes comments about your hair or lipstick colour, consult your wedding makeup and hairstyle also with him. It wouldn’t be pleasant to hear on your wedding day that he doesn’t like your makeup.


Please, let me know after the wedding trial, whether you were satisfied with your makeup and hairstyle and if it lasted the whole day. Should you be concerned about anything afterwards, or if you find another makeup or hairstyle you would like for your wedding, I will be glad to do the trial again for half price.


If you have just a minor concern, you can pop in my office at Karlovo náměstí and we will fix it together straight away for free.


Check the date you plan to visit your hairdresser and we will schedule our trial.