Makeup & hairstyle course

Do you want to learn how to apply makeup and do your hair as a professional but don’t know where to start? Have you got tons of makeup in your drawer but don’t know how to use it? Or do you not use makeup at all and would like to start? This course is just for you: I will teach you how to do everyday and evening makeup and basic hairstyles.

The course will be custom made whether you are used to doing daily makeup or have never done it. Email me the picture of your makeup and hairstyle, eventually the list of products and brands you use and what you want to learn, and I will suggest the content of the course that will meet your needs.


Facial care and makeup

We will go through your makeup and cosmetics together. I will look at the products and brushes you use and consult what is suitable for you and what you should buy. I will also check the products you have bought in the shops but haven’t found use for them or don’t know how to apply them.

I will advise you on the choice of the right type and shade of makeup, powder, corrector, etc. What eye shadows, rouge and lipstick colour would suit you. In the practical part of the course, I will show you how to apply daily and evening makeup, the application techniques of contouring, eye lining, or creating the smokey eye.

Professional course

I also work as a professional lecturer helping future or established makeup artists and hair stylists improve their skills. I focus on contouring, 3D makeup, and pencil and gel liner techniques.


Your makeup will never stand out without a proper hairstyle. Together we will have a look at your hairstyling products and I will teach you recognize the right product for you. I will show you how to make simple beach waves, how to save greasy hair and how to backcomb your hair to gain volume for 24 hours. We will go through the basics of smooth and casual updos. I will teach you how to use hair holders and clip-in hair extensions.

Are you interested in my services?

The course is held in the comfort of your home and lasts for three to five hours, so reserve a quiet afternoon or weekend for it. I am not an employee of any cosmetic company, I do not sell any products, but I will be happy to advise you on the purchase of makeup and cosmetics suitable for you.

You can enjoy the course by yourself or together with your friends, sister or mother. It is also a perfect gift and I can issue a personalized gift certificate if you wish.


“One to one” course

CZK 3.000


A course for up to three ladies

CZK 5.000