How to get ready for your wedding day

I am happy you have chosen me for your wedding makeup artist and hairstylist. I will do my best to help you shine as a princess on your big day. Stick to the following tips and advice to avoid unnecessary complications.

3 months before the wedding

If you plan substantial facial correction: Botox, fillings, chemical peeling – now it is the best time to make an appointment with your dermatologist.

1 month before the wedding

Do not try anything new not to cause any redness, irritation or allergic reaction, avoid untried cosmetic treatments and products. Approved dermatological intervention can be repeated not later than 3 weeks before the wedding to give the bruises and swellings time to disappear.

A week before the wedding

Get your Last Aid Kit ready for your bridesmaid, friend or mom to keep for you. It should contain: powder, corrector, lipstick or lip-gloss, tissues, wet tissues, Visine eye drops, antiperspirant, mouthwash or spray.

I recommend Vitella Ictamo cream for minor spots available from your local pharmacy for CZK 100. Apply sufficient layer directly on the spot. It is the perfect time to make an appointment with your beautician, hairdresser a manicurist.

24 hours before the wedding

Wash your hair as usual, just do not use too much conditioner for the hairstyle to last.

The night before the wedding

Cover your lips with a thick layer of Vaseline to keep them smooth and have a good night sleep. Apply approved night mask and thicker layer of night cream. Get your LAK and hair accessories from the rehearsal ready.

In the morning

Try to have light breakfast and wait for my arrival. Do not put anything greasy on your skin.

After the wedding

Remove the makeup using mineral water or makeup remover. I recommend not to sleep with the makeup on as your skin could get skin inflammation and spots. Gently pull the false lashes off.

Dry armpits

Many brides suffer from sweating due to stress and their usual antiperspirant doesn’t work. Hot summer day wedding in heavy dress is an endurance test.

I recommend Eucerin 72 hours to be applied at night. Do not apply after shaving as it could cause redness. Wash it with water in the morning as some materials could get stained. It can be applied also under your breasts, on your back and feet.

Shining smile

To keep your teeth white, I have a good experience with Crest whitening tapes. Apply on non-brushed teeth, leave it for one hour. If using for the first time, keep it on for 30 minutes only to check the sensibility of your teeth. Your teeth may be numb for the following 24-48 hours. Use on healthy teeth only. You can buy these tapes abroad or on the internet in the Czech Republic. It costs about CZK 1000-2000 depending on the package size.