I am a makeup artist, hair stylist and a lecturer of future makeup artists. I work mainly in Prague and surroundings, I specialize in weddings and private clients. I am the only person in the Czech Republic who has been trained by Samer Khouzami, the Master of contouring in wedding, evening and photo makeup. I work exclusively with luxurious cosmetics.

My story

I have always wanted to be a beautiful princess since I was little but because of my acne, atopic eczema and glasses I have rather been the object of ridicule. Therefore, I started studying makeup and possible ways of covering my shortcomings and of beautification, and with time other girls started to ask me for advice and help.

For a long time, makeup had been just my hobby until five years ago when I fell seriously ill. At that time I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to things I love:

To help women become even more beautiful and brides fulfill their dreams of one of their unforgettable days of their lives.

I invested my savings in courses and equipment, and at the age of thirty I started from scratch once again. I kept my favourite Walt Disney quotation in mind:

If you can dream it, you can do it!

My qualification

I learn from the best makeup artists and hair stylists in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Over the years, I’ve got a fair number of certificates:

  • Samer Khouzami Masterclass: Bridal makeup, Evening glamour makeup, Photo makeup
  • Atelier International Paris: Individual training in 3D pencil techniques with Emese Backai
  • Atelier International Paris: Bridal Makeup Long lasting gel and pencil technique with Emese Backai
  • Atelier International Paris: Pencil and gel liner techniques with Oxana Novacovici
  • Eyebrow Stylist: Eyebrow shaping with 6D eyebrow reconstruction and extension
  • Evening and glamour makeup: Lucie Pruzkova and Martina Bartoskova
  • Evening and bridal hairstyles: Lucie Pruzkova and Martina Bartoskova
  • Bomton Academy: Evening and bridal updo techniques
  • Bomton Academy: Blowdry techniques with Nina Krajco
  • School of Style Backstage: Vocational qualification in styling
  • Make Up Institute Master Pro A-Z: Vocational qualification in makeup and hair artistry
  • Beauty makeup: Janka Letkova
  • Bridal makeup: Simona Bartova
  • Photo makeup: Claudie Marcekova
  • Iconic makeup: Janka Letkova
  • Men makeup: Tomas Moucka
  • TV&Video makeup: Zuzana Machalova
  • Extreme makeup: Filip Novak
  • Hair Design: Marketa Slapakova
  • Runway makeup: Sasha Isar



I am not employed by any cosmetic company. The choice of products for my clients and myself I make according to my experience with them. I accept and review products, that I would consider buying for myself. The products I received and decided to write about are marked with a star(*). The rest (vast majority) I purchased with my own money.

Product reviews

If I have heard all the praise on something, or if it is something completely new made by my favourite brand, I put it on my aging atopic skin with greasy T-zone, enlarged pores and pigment spots. If I like it, I buy some more and continue testing it on my clients. Finally, I sit down at the computer and write about it.

Although I use and review cosmetics I believe is of good quality, I cannot guarantee that it will have the same effects on you. Whenever possible, test it before you purchase it. Go to the perfumery and do not fall for the advertising talk that the particular product will save your skin. You may be allergic to anything. I am, for example, allergic to wasting money on ineffective cosmetics.